The oil and gas industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Sources of oil and natural gas have become difficult to find as most of the easily accessible sites have already been explored. The technology is improving though, making it possible to explore sites that not have been possible before. We are an established oil and gas company providing various services to our clients.


We support offshore development activities. We conduct surveys on pipeline routes and rig sites. These surveys reduce the risks associated with the project. The engineers can then look at the result of the surveys and improve their designs. The survey results help in the offshore infrastructure development also.

Refinery services

We offer refinery research, testing and consulting services. We perform inspection services and laboratory testing services as well. Our services lead to high level of production and improve the quality of the refinery process as well.

Engineering services

We provide both offshore and onshore engineering and construction services. Our services are tailored to the customers’ needs. With many years of experience, we will be able to provide the best engineering services for our clients.

In every phase of our work, we ensure that proper guidelines are followed and appropriate measures are taken for our employees’ safety. With us, you won’t find any flaw in the services that we provide. We can say this confidently as we have been running this business successfully for many years.